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Creating custom clothing designs for

all ages and seasons.

The Seamstress by Cora, owned and operated by Corina Costinas – who is a renowned Seamstress with a wealth of over 26 years of experience in bespoke tailoring and proficiency in fashion design from Fashion College, Romania. Since the start of her first business in 2015, Corina Costinas has earned a reputation for delivering modern, stylish, high quality garments that fit all body types, perfectly. From choosing a fine fabric to the final fitting, it is carried out with perfection at The Seamstress by Cora.

We also specialise in creating custom clothing designs for all ages and all seasons including debs suits, wedding dresses and other custom tailoring. We have fully qualified staff, always ready to tailor using any given designer materials to those who really

appreciate the difference.


From a cover stitch sewing machine to blind hemmer, we use our specialised and high-end machinery to give attention to detail while we tailor garments that require specific treatment. The use of baby lock and button holes machine is the key for a perfect finish and seamless finish to the stitching and powerful steam iron station ensuring a smooth creaseless finish.

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